Varnish Grace Question?

nick tailor nick.tailor at
Mon Jul 9 21:37:41 CEST 2012


So, I used this link to
setup my varnish stuff.

Made some minor adjustments to the probes, however if I stop stop one of my
webservers to see if the content my varnish serves is from the cache, it
just shows a page service unavailble, and from what I've read you need to
have the grace mode stuff in there, which this default vcl for version 3

Anyone, have any ideas why my Drupal sites are not serving cached? when my
backend are down.

# Respond to incoming requests.
sub vcl_recv {
  # Allow the backend to serve up stale content if it is responding slowly.
  set req.grace = 6h;

# Code determining what to do when serving items from the Apache servers.
sub vcl_fetch {
  # Allow items to be stale if needed.
  set beresp.grace = 6h;


Nick Tailor
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