How to include inside vcl_recv

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Mon Jul 16 18:54:42 CEST 2012

On 16 July 2012 17:13, Abraham Cruz Sustaita
<abraham.sustaita at> wrote:
> Nick, thanks a lot, you were really helpfull. Jonathan, I don't need for
> anybody to "feed" me. I google it in the first place, but my research only
> show me how to include files outside the rules, if you read carefully my
> question you will see it. The question was how to do it from other file and
> inside the rule "sub vcl_recv". However thanks for your "answer", since
> because of that Nick told me the answer.

The only documentation I can see on this subject
( explicitly
says "[t]he contents of another VCL file may be inserted at any point
in the code by using the include keyword", which I believe should have
answered your question, Abraham.

That page was the second result you would have found when searching
for "varnish cache include syntax", and the first non-trivial one.
That's why I suggested those precise words for you to search for.

Glad you resolved your issue either way.

Jonathan Matthews
Oxford, London, UK

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