Question about srcbody in VCL_conf

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Tue Jul 31 15:07:31 CEST 2012

On 31.07.2012 11:37, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> In message <5017A456.7090905 at>, Gordon Schmidt writes:
>>> It sounds really strange that this should have the performance
>>> effect you claim...
>> I didn't get the 8%-10% by minifying - the performance gain with
>> minified vcls is lower.
>> Just for testing, I removed the part in the vcc_compile.c responsable
>> for adding scrbody to the compiled object to get the full performance
>> improvement.
> The only thing you have done is remove the memory footprint by a
> few kilobytes.
> If that radically changes your performance it can only be because
> it allows you to operate entirely inside the L1/L2/L3 cache of your
> CPU.
> That would indicate that your benchmark is so trivially simple that
> it is invalid for any realistisk workload with more than one URL.
I haven't said anything different. The test is simple as i already 
stated in my very first post.

Still - an option to reduce the memory footprint, when the additional 
data is not needed, would be nice.

Btw. the situation becomes relevant, when you have one or only few 
resources that are not cachable and will hit much more frequently than 
all the other resources.



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