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Tue Nov 20 23:03:33 CET 2012


I cannot solve my problem, therefore again I write this post:

My public IP is und the corresponding domain 

The varnish cache server hat the IP and is reached over NAT 
and port 80 from my router with the public IP above.

My configuration file "/etc/varnish/default.vcl" looks like:

backend moodle {
      .host = ""; #IP of moodle backend
      .port = "80";
backend drupal {
      .host = ""; #IP of drupal backend
      .port = "80";
sub vcl_recv {
      if (req.url~"^/moodle"){
             set req.backend = moodle;
}else if(req.url~"^/drupal"){
             set req.backend = drupal;

Best Regards,


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