Monitor per site in Varnish

david raistrick drais at
Fri Sep 28 00:42:46 CEST 2012

On Thu, 27 Sep 2012, nick tailor wrote:

> Are you sure about that? I have a colleague that has a high traffic site,
> does something like 3 terabytes a month, and they use google analyitcs to
> see all that? I will message him to confirm

Google analytics isn't actually free, btw....

And it only works for eyeball sites since it depends on javascript running 
in the browser.  So for those of us that run webservices your answer is a 

GA has no way to give you real network or connection statistics since it 
doesnt ever talk to your server.

For the OP, afaik short of building your own stats collection/reporting 
system inside varnish (vmod or inline c), your best bet is to gather this 
data at your webserver/application server(s).  Admittedly this leaves out 
cached responses.

Alternately, use varnishncsa to logfiles and process them like any 
webserver logs.....

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