Initial streaming request blocking other requests to same url

Oddur Snær Magnússon oddur at
Thu Feb 28 12:56:26 CET 2013

I have a scenario where I´m caching really big objects (multiple gigabytes) and delivering them using http streaming using varnish-3.0.3

When 2 clients make a request for an object, it successfully streams to the client that made the connection first, but the seconds client hangs until the object is fully delivered.  From what I gather, the object is put in "busy" state and the second request blocks on that, rather than collapsing the requests.

The 3.0 official documentation( says:

"As of Varnish Cache 3.0 the object will marked as busy as it is delivered so only client can access the object."

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Oddur Snær Magnússon
Service Infrastructure Tech Lead | Reykjavík | Iceland


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