Initial streaming request blocking other requests to same url

Reinis Rozitis r at
Thu Feb 28 13:37:34 CET 2013

> The 3.0 official 
> documentation( 
> says:
> "As of Varnish Cache 3.0 the object will marked as busy as it is delivered 
> so only client can access the object."

Try the streaming fork: or
iirc the git version had some extra fixes since 3.0.2 release.

And for the particular objects in vcl_fetch set set beresp.do_stream = true;

For example:

sub vcl_fetch {
# whatever else

     if (req.url ~ "\.mp4") {
       set beresp.do_stream = true;

     return (deliver);

p.s. if this works want ISKs in Eve :)


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