Expect-Header is not passed to backend

Thomas Thrainer thomas.thrainer at jambit.com
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I'm using Varnish 3.0.2 and have some troubles with the HTTP Expect header.
My backend processes PUT requests, which have an Expect: 100-Continue header, in a special way: it does not send the 100 Continue but a redirect to the actual storage location for this specific PUT request.
Varnish, however, sends the 100 Continue automatically (in cache_center.c:1526, as far as I have seen). It even removes the header from the request, so I can't check for it in VCL and switch to pipe mode in such a case. The effect is, that the backend consumes (and ignores) all the data sent from the client, then generates the redirect which causes the client to upload the data again.

Is there any possibility to prevent Varnish from sending a 100 Continue on its own? Or could I figure out if such a continue was already sent in VCL code?



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