varnish crash: Error in munmap() / Cannot allocate memory

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Tue Jun 25 14:52:25 CEST 2013


From: Iliya Sharov [mailto:isharov at]

        Increase vm.max_map_count limit in the sysctl.
        25.06.2013 16:01, Enno van Amerongen пишет:
                      Error in munmap
heh, excellent, I just found that piece of documentation too and was gonna send it to the list for confirmation, but you beat me to it! awesome ;)

thanks a bunch!


from the docs:

"Specifically if you see the "Error in munmap" error on Linux you might want to increase the amount of maps available. Linux is limited to a maximum of 64k maps. Setting vm.max_map_count in sysctl.conf will enable you to increase this limit. You can inspect the number of maps your program is consuming by counting the lines in /proc/$PID/maps

This is a rather odd thing to document here - but hopefully Google will serve you this page if you ever encounter this error."  
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