Varnish + Tomcat vs Apache + mod_cache + mod_jk +Tomcat

Adrian Ber beradrian at
Wed Oct 16 11:54:12 CEST 2013

Does anyone have some comparison data in terms of performance for using 
in front of Tomcat either Varnish or Apache with mod_jk. I know that AJ 
connector suppose to be faster than HTTP, but I was thinking that in 
combination Varnish which is lighter and highly optimized could perform 
better. There is also the discussion between static resources (which I 
think will perform faster with Varnish than Apache, even with mod_cache) and dynamic pages.
I asked this question on ServerFault too
Which configuration would be advisable Varnish + Tomcat or Apache + mod_cache + mod_jk +Tomcat?

Adrian Ber.
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