What else can I try

Roy Forster royf442 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 02:38:14 CEST 2014

It's great when something works and of course not when it doesn't.
When I access my site using :8080 the site loads but there is no mention of
varnish in the header. Without :8080 appended I get the default website
page but varnish is mentioned in the header.
A port scan reveals both 80 and 8080 are reachable I've also tried stopping

 I have rebuilt the server, Centos VPS, with just the basic modules enabled
enough to get drupal 7 up and running, (disabling pagespeed etc) in an
attempt to resolve any server misconfiguration.

isvarnishworking.com reckons that varnish is working. The site is drupal 7.
Is there anything else that I could try. I've searched the internet and
seen one possible solution is to try things the other way round that is to
have varnish listen on port 8080 instead and have port 80 as the backend.

What else can I try, check, change on the server to have varnish serve page
from :? I wonder how to move forward. The annoying thing is that I at one
stage did have things working correctly
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