Varnishstat problems with 3.0.5 in Debian Squeeze

Kristian Grønfeldt Sørensen ksorensen at
Wed Sep 3 12:53:08 CEST 2014


I've upgraded one of our Debian Squeeze Varnish servers from 3.0.2 to
3.0.5 today, and seem to have run in to the same problem as described
here: .

It looks to me like varnishd and varnishstat does not agree on the
format of the VSL, or at least which counters to find where.

I have a strong suspicion that what varnishstat reports as
"backend_busy" is actually "client_conn" and "backend_reuse" is actually
"client_req" and "backend_toolate" is actually "cache_hit", since those
numbers matches pretty what I would expect for those variables. If this
is not the case backend_toolate is worryingly high after the upgrade.  

I've tried stopping all varnish-related processes, removing _.vsl
from /var/lib/varnish/<instance-name>/ and starting processes again in
the hope that it was only some incompatibility between in the VSL-file
between 3.0.2 and that the upgrade did not take care of that correctly,
but that doesn't make any difference. 

I also noticed that I had to specify -S /etc/varnish/secret and -T
localhost:6082 as command line arguments to varnishadm, so it does not
seem to read it correctly from the VSL as it did on 3.0.2.

I have another server with identical config where varnishstats works
fine, but that one is running Debian Wheezy and Varnish on that server
was installed as 3.0.5 rather than being upgraded from 3.0.2. Could it
be something with the Squeeze packages, or something releated to the
upgrade procedure on Debian?

Just as in the forum post obove, my varnishd seems to be working
correctly - I just can't get any usable counters from it via
varnishstat. Since nobody posted a solution on the forum I decided to
try my luck on varnish-misc in the hope that someone here will be able
to help me solving the problem.


Kristian Sørensen

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