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Hi Adam.

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> The varnishd process
> grows by about 1M a second until all the physical and virtual memory is
> filled, and then predictably, causes the box to crash.  We only have 6G of
> malloc allocated (and confirmed with SMA.s0.g_bytes 6441093251), and
> n_object 981470

It seems you are using Transient storage. Transient is usually uncapped.
You can cap Transient but you should probably figure out why Varnish is
using Transient storage. Usually it will allocate Transient if
1) The objects TTL < 10s
2) Failed to allocate storage

As a hotfix I would cap Transient at, say, 2G. "varnishd -s
Transient=malloc,2G". You can probably up your main storage quite a bit
with this in place.

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