Question about varnish memory usage

Adam Schumacher adam.schumacher at
Thu Sep 18 17:54:27 CEST 2014


Thanks for the reply

>> >It seems you are using Transient storage. Transient is usually uncapped. You
>> can cap Transient but you should probably figure out why Varnish is using
>> Transient storage. Usually it will >allocate Transient if
>> >1) The objects TTL < 10s
>> >2) Failed to allocate storage

>From varnishstat I see:

SMA.Transient.g_bytes      5525388          .   Bytes outstanding

If that is the same Transient storage you are referring to, I don’t see how
varnishd could be taking up as much VM as it is.  Or am I missing something?

>> >As a hotfix I would cap Transient at, say, 2G. "varnishd -s
>> Transient=malloc,2G". You can probably up your main storage quite a bit with
>> this in place.

I’ll give it a shot and let you know.  It usually takes a couple days before
filling up all the physical memory.


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