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Audun Ytterdal audun at
Tue Feb 9 21:38:52 CET 2016

We have sent in a support request to varnish for the same thing a while

Usually varnish is in some sort of sandwitch.

It could be haproxy -> Varnish -> haproxy, or h2o ->Varnish->nginx or
nginx->Varnish->haproxy or stud->varnish

Where people want to do their logic is up to them. It can always be solved
with http-headers x-forwarded-for and/or x-client-ip, as it has earlier.
But there is a reason why haproxy among others have aded this
functionality. Then suddenly you don't need extra modules like
mod_remote_ip for apache or massage http-headers into ips.
client.ip, accesslogs, varnishlog has a more relevant ip without hacks

* haproxy supports it both as a client and towards backends
* nginx support it as  a client. Patchsets for backends exists (
* h2o supprots is a client and I have a issue for it on github  (

It's not a very important thing, can be solved by other means. But it would
be nice.

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