Varnish Log Doubts

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Thu Jan 7 03:05:52 CET 2016

1. Any messages generated with std.syslog(<reasonable_integer>, "...") will
go to /var/log/messages.  There are a few in default.vcl IIRC.
2. You have to look for them in varnishadm  It leaves a fair
bit of data in /var/log/messages too.
3.  It won't dump core. The watchdog will restart it.  See also #2
4.  Guru meditations: Look at the default.vcl for the vcl_error function.
Anything funneled through there can trigger a guru meditation.  Clone the
function to your vcl, end it with a 'return(deliver)', and add your logging
there.  Varnish originated 503's come through here too.


On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 12:41 AM, Debraj Manna <subharaj.manna at>

> Hi,
> After going through this article
> <>
> I am having the following doubts. Can some one help me to clarify this:-
>    1. As per the varnish ebook varnishncsa -displays Varnish access logs
>    & varnishlog is used to access request-specific data. Can some let me
>    know what logs then go in /var/log/messages & /var/log/syslog ?
>    2. When varnish crashes due to panic where will varnish dump the
>    logs/traces? I know shows the panic messages in cli. Is
>    there a way I can view the panic messages in some files?
>    3. When varnish crashes due to segfault where will varnish puts the
>    messages and core dump?
>    4. How can I dump the 503 / Guru Meditation errors in a file?
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