Varnish3 and Munin : Hit rate exceeds 100%

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Tue Jan 12 16:18:59 CET 2016

Hello every one,
I'm working with multiple Varnish 3 on Debian Jessie, and I have an issue with Munin.
The Hit Rate graph exceeds 100%.

This is extract from 'varnishstat -1' :
client_req 2977215 34.73 Client requests received
cache_hit 5095361 59.44 Cache hits
cache_hitpass 64796 0.76 Cache hits for pass
cache_miss 834384 9.73 Cache misses

We can see there are more cache_hit than client_req. I wonder if this problem is due to ESI request, which is not use in the graph.
Is there a way to include ESI requests in the graph ?

You can see a graph here : (

Thank you,

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