Varnish and memory limitation

Alexandre infos at
Tue Jan 12 15:27:08 CET 2016

Thank you very much for this precious information. I will use 64 GB malloc.


On 12/01/16 14:31, Jason Price wrote:
> Yes.  More than 64 gb malloc size works fine.  I was using 150gb with no
> issue.
> Fair warning through:  varnish will use more ram than the malloc size.
> That really is just the total size of all cached objects.  There's about
> 1k of overhead per object to deal with.  So the Resident Set Size will
> probably be higher than your malloc size.
> (Also: if you have very short lived objects (10 seconds by default) that
> doesn't accrue into the 'malloc' size either... they stack in an
> unbounded 'transient' storage by default.  I got bitten by caching
> errors for 5 seconds with this default)

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