varnishncsa logs split per domain

Dridi Boukelmoune dridi at
Tue Nov 15 18:31:34 CET 2016

> ok. first I want to say thanks for being nice and pointing me to the man
> pages.

Sometimes it's hard to even know that man pages even exist (I'm
looking at vsl and vsl-query in particular) so I tend to do that a lot ;)

> not yet tested but I think this is what Dridi was pointing to?

Yes, that was the suggestion.

> Ok ... I also do understand that people need to read manuals a.k.a. RTFM ;)
> But is a mailing list ONLY here to get the finger pointed to MAN and RTFM???

No but it saves some time and typing for lazy me.

> Isn't that what a mailing list is there for? To help others?
> Your thoughts please ;)

Now that the finger is pointed at me, while I agree that I often point
to the manual, I'm rarely saying to RTFM. I can be weeks between to
peeks at the misc list for me, so sometimes I get extra lazy. I'm also
sure you learned more than just how to pick the normalized host by
looking at varnishncsa's manual.

I could have been very nasty and not mention vmod_std(3) because
after all, I had already hinted "std.log" in a previous email ;)

I gave you a minimalist solution [1], you didn't know how to do it, I
pointed to the right manuals since you already had the recipe. The
little push that should get the ball rolling.

Then if it doesn't work out as expected I can still try helping further.
I'm usually reluctant to give a turn-key solution (except in the docs)
and that's probably a habit I got from being a trainer. DYI and I will
back you up, sort of thing.



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