Error out of workspace

Viktor Villafuerte viktor.villafuerte at
Wed Oct 26 00:02:44 CEST 2016

Hi all,

Yesterday I saw this error in Varnishlog

Error          out of workspace

I've done some googling since and it seems that increasing
workspace_client could fix the issue. Further it's suggested that this
is due to excessive cookie processing. However, we don't process any
cookines at all.

Also I've found an old bug where it's suggested that VCL code ends up in
a loop (using restart feature) and eventually runs out of space. We do
use restart but it's limited to only 3 attempts..

Anybody would have any experience with 'out of workspace' error and why
it could occur?

Any suggestions are welcomed, let me know if more details are needed.




Viktor Villafuerte
Optus Internet Engineering
t: +61 2 80825265

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