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Wed Oct 26 10:10:13 CEST 2016

Increasing workspace_client may not do it, you have to consider where this
error occurred, if it was in the backend context, workspace_backend is your

Pretty much anything in your vcl will consume workspace, because everytime
you need a string, Varnish allocates it in the workspaces. So cookies,
regex, setting headers will eat that space. And when you restart, you keep
using that workspace, and ESI sub-objects consume the top-object's

Hope that helps.

Guillaume Quintard

On Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 12:02 AM, Viktor Villafuerte <
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> Hi all,
> Yesterday I saw this error in Varnishlog
> Error          out of workspace
> I've done some googling since and it seems that increasing
> workspace_client could fix the issue. Further it's suggested that this
> is due to excessive cookie processing. However, we don't process any
> cookines at all.
> Also I've found an old bug where it's suggested that VCL code ends up in
> a loop (using restart feature) and eventually runs out of space. We do
> use restart but it's limited to only 3 attempts..
> Anybody would have any experience with 'out of workspace' error and why
> it could occur?
> Any suggestions are welcomed, let me know if more details are needed.
> thanks
> v
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