Varnish on stand-alone server

Miguel González miguel_3_gonzalez at
Thu Jan 19 11:48:26 CET 2017

I guess it´s not a firewall issue since you say you can reach the
backends with curl or wget, maybe the acl purge is not correctly
configured in the backends?

On 01/19/17 7:28 AM, Stalker, Tim wrote:
> I'm setting up a web development cluster with 3 or 4 backend webservers.
> Because this is all offline at the moment, provisioning this with
> vagrant and ansible in a private network of servers with no fqdn. I have
> no problem getting varnish to connect to the backends over port 80
> from within the varnish VM itself over lynx and curl, but from outside
> the VM on my host machine, varnish is unaware of the backends. Varnish
> works fine if I install it on the same machine as apache but if I try to
> run it in its own virtual machine. I would like to simulate a production
> environment as much as possible when all of the server names are fully
> qualified.
> Can anyone suggest ways I might get varnish to provide caching from
> browsers on my host machine while running in its own virtual machine in
> a cluster?
> Thanks a ton
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