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Varnish is aware of the backend I have set and works fine as long as I'm logged into its virtual machine and run either curl or lynx to the address of the machine with apache running. I have my /etc/hosts file set with the backend address and virtual host as configured in the apache box, but it seems that varnish ignores the /etc/hosts file. I get logging and see the headers when I run curl -I<> but when I do the same thing via the browser, curl, or lynx on my host computer, no logging, nothing happens inside the varnish vm.

It's probably some sort of networking config on the virtual machines themselves. One thing about the documentation surrounding varnish is that it all assumes varnish is to be installed on the same server as apache, nginx, or whatever one's frontend is. There's little if anything I can find as to how to run varnish on its own server, either virtually with no fully qualified domain name or virtually with DNS set appropriately. Are there any pointers I could go to for how to set DNS, for example? Does one point the A record to varnish or apache?

Thanks again all. Any insight you can provide would be great.


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I guess it´s not a firewall issue since you say you can reach the
backends with curl or wget, maybe the acl purge is not correctly
configured in the backends?

On 01/19/17 7:28 AM, Stalker, Tim wrote:
> I'm setting up a web development cluster with 3 or 4 backend webservers.
> Because this is all offline at the moment, provisioning this with
> vagrant and ansible in a private network of servers with no fqdn. I have
> no problem getting varnish to connect to the backends over port 80
> from within the varnish VM itself over lynx and curl, but from outside
> the VM on my host machine, varnish is unaware of the backends. Varnish
> works fine if I install it on the same machine as apache but if I try to
> run it in its own virtual machine. I would like to simulate a production
> environment as much as possible when all of the server names are fully
> qualified.
> Can anyone suggest ways I might get varnish to provide caching from
> browsers on my host machine while running in its own virtual machine in
> a cluster?
> Thanks a ton
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