Persistent "admin" state/backend health

jonathan.huot at jonathan.huot at
Mon Mar 13 14:01:18 CET 2017

Hi everyone,

We have some clusters of varnishd and we're using varnish CLI to trigger failover by setting the "admin health" of a backend to sick.

It works well, until:
- we upgrade varnish (occurs a restart)
- we change VCL (occurs a reload)
- varnishd crashes (notably because of 3rd party VMODs)

So, we're trying to find a way of preserving the "admin" states across restart/reload/crashes.
We're thinking about reusing vagent2, or creating another intermediate above the Child, but I'm wondering first if this is not better suited in Varnish Core as a basic feature? But then, where?

Thanks for your time,

Thomson Reuters


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