Custom Permalinks Setting in Wordpress

Magical Wonders myles at
Wed Mar 15 10:28:21 CET 2017

I'm working my way through the Wiki guide for configuring Varnish to 
work with Wordpress -

Two questions immediately spring up -

Step 3 says to enable custom permalinks in Wordpress typing 
/%year%/%monthnum%/%post_id%  - My existing Wordpress sites all have 
custom Permalinks. However they are mostly in the format of 
/%postname%/  I don't really want to have to change all the permalinks. 
Will Varnish still work ok for sites with custom Permalinks set at 
/%postname%/ ?

The last part of Step 3 is to open a command prompt and run "ta2enmod 
rewrite" as root. Mod_rewrite must already be enabled on my server so I 
guess I can skip that step?

Hope someone can advise.


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