h2 in 5.1.1 and jsessionid cookies ?

Christian Bjørnbak cbj at touristonline.dk
Fri Mar 17 17:32:29 CET 2017


I setup h2 with Hitch 1.4.4 and Varnish 5.1.1 following the guide in the
release announcement.

It works for stateless pages but if I try to log into our extranet where we
use an jsessionid cookie varnish seems to discard the cookie from the

When I enter the login page I receive a jsessionid cookie in the browser.

When I submit the login form I am redirected to the login page with a new
jsessionid cookie.

If I disable alpn in the Hitch config everything works at it use to but of
course without h2...

>From what I can find on google h2 is suppose to support h1 style cookies:

Do I need to change something in the VCL to support (jsessionid) cookies
with h2?

Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards,

Christian Bjørnbak

Chefudvikler / Lead Developer
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2300 København S
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