Multiple VCL upon Startup

Michael Davis mdavis at
Wed Jun 27 03:20:13 UTC 2018

I've successfully loaded and labeled several VCL files with one that routes properly, as outlined on this page:

However, I need this setup to load automatically upon reboot of the server without intervention.  I found only one article that claims to do this by supplying a cli file to varnishadm via an "I" flag in the daemon_args.  I'm running version 5.0 on Ubuntu and the man page does not include this option and attempting to use it causes varnish to fail:

varnishd: invalid option -- 'I'

The article that describes this method is from<> and claims it should work on version 5 and up.  Am I to assume that this is only available in the commercial version of varnish?

I'm interested in recommendations so that I can rely on varnish to load multiple VCL files upon startup/reboot.



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