Multiple VCL upon Startup

Dridi Boukelmoune dridi at
Wed Jun 27 07:38:51 UTC 2018

Hello Michael,

On Wed, Jun 27, 2018 at 5:20 AM, Michael Davis <mdavis at> wrote:
> I've successfully loaded and labeled several VCL files with one that routes
> properly, as outlined on this page:
> However, I need this setup to load automatically upon reboot of the server
> without intervention.  I found only one article that claims to do this by
> supplying a cli file to varnishadm via an "I" flag in the daemon_args.  I'm
> running version 5.0 on Ubuntu and the man page does not include this option
> and attempting to use it causes varnish to fail:
> varnishd: invalid option -- 'I'
> The article that describes this method is from and
> claims it should work on version 5 and up.  Am I to assume that this is only
> available in the commercial version of varnish?

I'm afraid this blog post may be a bit misleading. The label feature
appeared in 5.0 but the ability to switch to a label from the active
VCL landed in 5.1 along with the ability to specify a CLI script at

> I'm interested in recommendations so that I can rely on varnish to load
> multiple VCL files upon startup/reboot.

First, I strongly advise an upgrade to 6.0 since none of the 5.x
series are supported. They may get security releases, but not general
bug fixes.

If you really can't move away from 5.0 or really need to get this
working while you are planning your upgrade, there may be a way
depending on your operating system.


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