reg: not getting ReqAcct tag in varnishlog

Nils Goroll slink at
Tue Mar 12 12:02:32 UTC 2019


On 12/03/2019 11:07, Hardik wrote:
> *Error cases when ReqAcct is not present in varnishlog*
> 1.
> -   VSL            timeout
> -   End            synt
> 2.
> -   VSL            store overflow
> -   End            synth

The VSL clients (varnishlog and friends) store transactions in the client
program's memory when varnishd comes close to overwriting the respective region
of the VSL shared memory ring.

The -L and -T options allow you to specify these limits, see for example the
varnishlog man page.

I _suspect_ you are seeing this with the -g request or -g session transaction
grouping (please specify how you invoke the respective command). If yes, an
alternative would be to reduce the time the VCL client needs to store open
transactions by switching to the vxid or raw grouping (-g argument).

hth, Nils

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