Varnish removing tags incorrectly fromURL

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Update: Ignore this... I have found. thx

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  Thank you for answering, I'm running on version 5.2.1, the problem is that I can't install this version because there is no  "configure" file inside  (./configure not working)  if I download the last version of vmod I get the following error configure error: varnish version 6.0.0. or higher is required ...

Thank you!


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> Hello,
>    I would highly appreciate if I get some help on the following issu:

If you need to filter out or extract parameters from a query-string I recommend this:

If you are running Varnish below 6.0 I encourage you to upgrade but meanwhile you also have this:

It should be much easier than using regular expressions, at the expense of having to manage a vmod.


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