Varnish over memory allocation

info+varnish at info+varnish at
Mon May 25 13:06:05 UTC 2020

Am Montag, den 25.05.2020, 22:38 +1000 schrieb Alex Wakefield:
> Hey Dridi,
> Thanks for the reply. I originally thought that it might've been
> transient storage as well however checking that shows that only 287MB
> of storage has been allocated from it. Its allocated and released
> 1.06TB though, is that perhaps the cause of the issue?
> SMA.s0.g_bytes shows the correct size of 23.99GB allocated which is
> what I expect however a pmap of the varnish process shows 29977920K
> used, 6GB over what was set.

Whats your /proc/meminfo output?


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