Use varnish-cache in front of HLS servers for live streaming

Hamidreza Hosseini hrhosseini at
Thu Jun 10 10:53:35 UTC 2021

I want to use varnish as a cache server in front of my Http live streaming servers to serves .ts files to client and I want to ignore caching .m3u8 files extension to be cached.
When I read how varnish would cache the objects again, I encountered with some issues for example because each clients would request the .ts files from varnish directly or through load balancers  (load balancer would pass all headers to varnish) so for unique .ts file , varnish will cache the file for each client! so I should normalize header or delete some clients header or somehow I should tell varnish that this file is unique and dont cache it again based on different useless header...
How can I tell this to varnish or which header should be deleted by varnish because I don't know which client would send which header !
which header would affect on double caching?
Is there any sample config to satisfy my needs?

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