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#1294: Varnish diagrams don't mention hash_always_miss
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 [https://www.varnish-cache.org/trac/wiki/VCLExampleDefault This diagram]
 which provides a good overview of how Varnish works through the request-
 response handling workflow doesn't include any mention of

 Looking at the diagram, I had been working under the assumption that
 Varnish didn't provide a way to update a cached document during a request
 without either purging it before reaching "vcl_fetch", or letting the
 cache object manually expire.

 It would be good if that diagram could include:
  * A change to the "obj in cache" block to show the influence that setting
 hash_always_miss has.
  * A clearer indication at what point the previously cached object is
 evacuated from the cache - presumably that happens at the point we choose
 to return "deliver" from "vcl_fetch", but it would be good if that was
 made explicit.

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