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Seshu Vavilikolanu seshu.vavilikolanu at RACKSPACE.COM
Thu Feb 17 01:00:48 CET 2011

Hi All,

I am new to Varnish.   I am trying to write few patches on top of varnish that are very specific to our needs.   I have gone through the documentation on the varnish-cache.org and got a good idea of how varnish works and some idea on VCL.     I looked at 'varnishd' code (version 2.1.5) and I see 25K+ lines of C code just in this directory alone.  I have worked in C programming, but having hard time following the whole code as I couldn't find a flow chart or good documentation about the source code.

Can any of you help me in answering the following questions?

  *   Is there a flow chart or documentation about source code structure somewhere?
  *   I see a primitive document on how to use gdb on varnish, but did any of you guys try this and in case if you have documented, could you please share your experiences?
  *   Is there a varnish developer training in USA?   I see in varnish website that the developer training is in Europe.   Are there any third parties that give training about varnish development in USA?
  *   Any suggestions on how to develop knowledge on varnish source code are welcome.

Thanks in advance,  I appreciate any reply.

- Seshu

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