"vtest" script for review/experimentation

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Mon Nov 14 11:28:11 CET 2016

I'm trying to construct a light-weight cross-platform tinderbox
facility which doesn't require jvm or other esoterics.

First step is this 'vtest.sh' script:

It basically runs in a loop, git pulls, runs autogen.des and
make distcheck after which a report is sent of to the varnish
project server.

I would appreciate if people would take a few minutes to
review and possibly test this script to see that it is
as portable as I hope.

Sending to the varnish project server is done with a ssh
key built by the script for the same purpose.  Needless
to say I need a copy of that key before the scp will
work, but the script will tell you that...

The script should run fine without root permission, but
since we would also like coverage of the JAIL bits I hope
we can get some people to run it as root also, and therefore
it needs to be reviewed and scrutinized properly.

Obviously, running a "make distcheck" can never be "safe"
in any meaning of the word, in both theory and practice
we can put any kind of shit in our Makefiles, but at the
very minimum the vtest.sh script should not increase
exposure beyond that.

The backend side is very rudimentary still, but I have
a script which can output this:

 1479111273 718531c +autogen +distcheck FreeBSD_11.0-CURRENT_amd64     phk
 1477252091 718531c +autogen +distcheck FreeBSD_11.0-RELEASE-p1_arm    phk
 1479116010 1a989e2 +autogen +distcheck FreeBSD_11.0-CURRENT_amd64     phk
 1477255339 1a989e2 +autogen -distcheck FreeBSD_11.0-RELEASE-p1_arm    phk
     c00049 ---- v1   11.1 Not true: n_object (4) == 3 (3)

More to follow on that side as I get some test-data to work with.

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