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In message <200707052013.24760.gaute at>, Gaute Amundsen writes:
>On Thursday 05 July 2007 19:39, Andr=E9 Cruz wrote:

>> I'm caching pages from different vhosts, say and
>> If I want to purge all the data from one of the vhosts how do I do
>> it? "url.purge*" does not work. I'm a bit confused with the
>> syntax since the wiki only talks about paths and not complete URLs.
>That's not easily done, as far as I have been able to determine.
>I've submitted a feature request for it..

And I've been thinking about it and may have come up with a solution:

When we hash, we hash on a string that by default contains "#" req.url "#"

In your case for instance it owuld be:

It looks like purges need to (be able) match against this string,
rather than the url alone.

I'm not sure what the exact form of the solution will be, but I
may simply add another CLI command:

	hash.purge $regexp

That matches against the hash string.

The caveat of this is, that if the user customizes the hash string
with vcl_hash(), he has to take this into account with his purge

But I can see how that could be an advantage also: one could "tag"
object in vcl_hash with a class or token, which can later be used
to purge the tagged objects.

Do we have a ticket for this in trac already ?

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