r1533 does not run at all

Denis Ahrens denis at zeno.org
Fri Jun 22 16:07:17 CEST 2007


I have several problems with revision 1533:

1. When starting (with empty tmp) it simply does not start at all.

2. When using varnishd with -n parameter a second time it says:

	Parameter errors:
	could not create /tmp/zenotest: Directory not empty

and stops.

3. when starting with parameter -d and then manually 'start' it runs but
throws errors and does not answer any request. Every child dies  

when I use an older version like r1532 varnishd works but the childs are
crashing when there is an http-requestheader like "Cache-Control max- 

Child said (2, 46606): <<socktest: linger=0 sndtimeo=0 rcvtimeo=0
Cache child died pid=46606 status=0xb
Clean child
Child cleaned
start child pid 46607
Child said (2, 46607): <<Child starts
managed to mmap 8589934592 bytes of 8589934592
CLI ready


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