varnish Connection: close and IE6

Václav Bílek v.bilek at
Mon Sep 14 16:07:44 CEST 2009

Václav Bílek napsal(a):
> Hello
> We are trying to deploy varnish in production but IE6 is a big problem
> for us.
> On the first try of lounching varnish we learned that it is imposible to
> use keepalive because of the number of clients. So we tried to disable
> keepalive by adding :
> set   resp.http.Connection="close";
> to the deliver. All worked fine except of IE6, where page load time
> raise extremely. So we tried to disable keepalive:off for IE6 by piping
> it through, but the pipe in varnish is probably buggy we get many
> asserts and varnish became unusable.
> Then web investigate further what is the reason of IE slow pageloads...
> the reason is that IE on some objects (for example png), doesn't care
> the  "Connection: close" and doesn't close connection after getting
> content, then after varnish session timeout varnish closes the
> connection and IE gets another img and waits and so on...
> Question:
> Is there any way around that?


With knowledge of that we dont know exactly how to patch for disabling
keepalive we tried nasty hack:

diff bin/varnishdcache_acceptor_epoll.c
<               deadline = TIM_real() - params->sess_timeout;
> //            deadline = TIM_real() - params->sess_timeout;
<                       if (sp->t_open > deadline)
> //                    if (sp->t_open > deadline)

it worked in testing enviroment but in real trafic it was even worse
(IE6 hanging for long time).

I will be  glad for any advice.

Vaclav Bilek

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