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On Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 6:08 PM, FabD [ML] < at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've two questions about Varnish and its use on my Debian Lenny with
> Apache2 (mpm-worker) as backend.
> 1. I'm using Varnish 2.1.3 on my blog (WP), I've seen (on
> monitoring) that sometimes Varnish send "no-compressed" content when
> it should send "gzip" content. For the moment, I don't succeded to
> reproduce manually that.
> Maybe someone would have an idea how to explain that ?

Sure. If Apache sends compressed content it should also send a
"Vary: accept-encoding" along so Varnish will _vary_ the content
depending on the content of that header. If the backend doesn't
you might send compressed content to someone you hasn't indicated
that they support it.

> 2. I've tried to replace Varnish 2.1.3 (Debian Lenny-backports) by the
> 2.1.4 (from Varnish repository). Varnish seems to work fine as long as
> you aren't logged. When you're logged, Varnish sends the output very
> late (at the end of Apache KeepAliveTimeOut => 15s, 2 x 15 s for 4
> ressources, 30 s to see a simple little page...).

This was discussed here a couple of weeks back, I think. Try searching
the archives.

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