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Hey Raj,

How I did it was, as long as my backend is up, the cache updated every 5
minutes from, and if my backend was down the content it served was up to 12
hours. You can specify the ttl for objects within VCL.


Nick tailor

On Tue, Jan 1, 2013 at 9:43 PM, Rajat <rajat.toshniwal at tekmindz.com> wrote:

> I am new to varnish and running a heavy education portal , so we want to
> deploy varnish as cache engine.
> But before using it, I want to be cleared about these point, Please help
> me in understanding these points
> a>Is it possible to expire a particular file/content from cache so that if
> any changes are made to a file/content it can be reloaded into cache from
> the app server.
> I have read about ban (varnish 3.x), but in that case I need to restart
> the engine to reload the configuration, but that will purge the whole
> cache. which I do not want
> b>Can we instruct varnish not to flush the cache on reboot.
> c> What are the rule preferences e.g. if there are two rules applicable
> for a particular request which rule would get the preference.
> Regards
> Rajat Toshniwal
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