"hash" director and app cookie

Cédric Jeanneret varnish at tengu.ch
Wed Jun 24 10:15:20 CEST 2015


I have some troubles for a varnish4 vcl. Here's the facts:

- one round_robin director for stateless accesses (no authentication)
- one hash director for stateful accesses (authentication, cookie… blah)
- both directors have different backend servers

The round_robin part is, of course, the easiest. It handles queries as
expected, all is green.

But the hash one is a bit more complicated: I guess I'll need to use
client.identity or something like that, but in order to ensure it really
does some load-balancing, I'll need some "proofs" the service is indeed
load-balanced and redirecting to the right instances.

How may I do that? using a simple "curl" doesn't show any
load-balancing, as I'm hitting always the same instance. I'm pretty sure
this is due to client.identity — how may I fake it?
I didn't find any documentation regarding this object, and reading
source-code in order to know a bit more isn't really the easiest way to
understand what's done.

Thanks for you help!



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