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Hardik hetardik.p at
Mon Mar 18 11:09:51 UTC 2019

Hi Team,

query is not related to any issue. Need understanding/clarification
regarding exact response time fields between varnish 3 and varnish 6.1.

*varnish 3*
ReqEnd c 877345549 1233949945.075706005 1233949945.075754881 0.017112017
0.000022888 *0.000025988*
The sixth and last number (0.000025988) is the time from we start
delivering the object until the request completes.

*varnish 6.1*
Timestamp Resp: 1501601912.806787 0.048125 *0.000037*

-> Are both fields give same values, means same meaning or both are
different? In varnish 3 I was reading last field. And as per explanation
its time from delivery to end of request ( and not total time from start of
request till end, plz correct if wrong). Based on this explanation I am
reading resp time only and no total time in resp tag. Do I have to read
0.048125 to be compatible with varnish 3 or I am doing correct ?

Thank you
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